Secretary Says


It is absolutely important that we have the operating funds that are necessary for us to meet, act, and part as Masons.  That includes the administrative and overhead costs for supplies and rent, repairing/replacing broken equipment, contributing to community assistance, and paying Grand Lodge taxes.

 We can generate the operating funds through dues, donations, and fund-raisers.  Approximately, 50% of the dues that we expect to receive from members each year are paid to Grand Lodge in the form of taxes.  That means that we pay taxes on members who have not paid dues.  That deficit becomes larger as more members are delinquent.  You can do the math.  We need your participation in each area: timely dues payment; donations; fund-raisers.

If you need to catch up on your dues, please take the time to do so and we can accomplish our goals.  Please use the information on the Contact Us page.

NOTE:  To pay for multiple months, just change the quantity during checkout.