FUND awards a $1000 scholarship to a qualifying high school senior. This award
recognizes academic achievement and provides assistance based on financial need. This award is made to a college bound student and may also be awarded to a student attending a vocational school.  Download the application here

This $1000 dollar award is payable in two installments. The payment is contingent upon maintenance of at least a “C” average or certification of satisfactory progress for students in vocational schools. Payment is made directly to the student. Students are responsible for sending verification of enrollment, transcripts, or certification by the deadlines set in order to receive payment. Applicants must be full time students enrolled and maintaining a minimum of twelve or more credits per semester


All students, all children of members of the Prince Hall Family and others who are high
school seniors are eligible to apply. Students must be graduates of a high school in the
state of California even though the applicant may be attending an institution of higher
learning outside the state. Applicants must also be a legal resident of California and has been accepted to a post-secondary institution of higher learning.

Applicants may procure an application from any member of Wiley L Kimbrough Lodge
No. 91. The application must be completed and returned to the lodge by the deadline
stated. Applications must be signed by the student and by a parent or guardian certifying family income and permitting release of student information.

Application must be returned to the name and address shown below or to any member
of Wiley L Kimbrough Lodge #91 Not later than November 1, 2016

Wiley L Kimbrough Lodge No. 91
PO Box 1823
Santa Ana, CA 92702-1823